About the label

233 releases, 67 podcasts, free for downloading

Subwise is a record label and creative community based in Moscow, Russia, that focuses on promoting and supporting underground electronic music. It serves as a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and connect with like-minded musicians and producers.

Label unites beginners and experienced musicians writing experimental electronic and not only electronic music. At this time, unlike previous projects, Subwise participants and organizers consciously renounce hard sound, and do the accent on more soft, but not less interesting experimental music.
This allows for the creation of diverse musical projects and unique collaborations between artists of different levels.

If you compose unique (or simply good!) material, then we’re already interested in the idea of collaborating. To contact us just send your demo material to the e-mail admin@subwise.net with a brief story about yourself, or without it, but if we like it - we can still fetch you, even out of the ground :)