Interview with Chebov

Today, we are releasing a new album from the Ural lover of intelligent hip-hop and a talented musician Anton Chebov, also known as Chebov. On this occasion, we had a short interview with Anton and discussed what happened since the release of his last record.

Your previous album was released almost a year ago, in September 2015. Tell us what has changed in this year, what can we expect from your new works, has your approach to music changed? Will it be the good old Chebov, or perhaps you decided to try yourself in a new style?

Many things have changed in my life during this year, and I think it's noticeable in the album. The mood of the music has changed dramatically.
My approach to music hasn't changed – I still write more at night, lying on the couch, or on my way to work in public transport.
Chebov, to me, is about the beats. Everything will stay the same. Only the mood changes.

Tell us more about your collaboration with Bioniq.

Bioniq. First and foremost, I noticed his works, and he designed the cover for my first album. Then I was impressed by his personal qualities. We quickly found a connection regarding the cover; he gets into the music and is very reliable. I always trust him.

You are from the Ural region. I wonder what kind of music do the residents of the Iset River valley prefer? Are there any local highlights in this regard, or is the hype for the notorious EDM entirely global?

In the Urals, there's a lot of techno, rave, hip-hop, and rock. I don't go out much. But I noticed that reggae is also very popular here.

Last year, you recommended us some musicians from your playlist for each day. This year, we expect the same from you – give us some recommendations.

Regarding musicians, I got so carried away writing this release that I completely lost track. I only listened to what musician friends and beatmakers sent me. Nothing has changed; King Shi is preparing an incredibly powerful album. We are also going to work on a collaborative track, which I'll start right after the release.