Magic Bread - Cheerful Cookery (2010)

Magic Bread

Instrumental, Downtempo, Experimental

Since 2000, when I seriously got into my own creativity (and I have a musical education), I played in several punk bands from Moscow. Since 2002 and to this day, I have been the guitarist of the Moscow mock-punk gang KALyOSSY. This album is the expression of all my musical thoughts and ideas that I, for one reason or another, couldn't fit into the format of punk bands. The culinary intellectual-musical concept of the album is completely accidental and, in essence, carries nothing within itself; it is easy to listen to and digest.

In general, I wish everyone a pleasant time!

Yuri Homutov, Magic Bread. 2010.

01Magic BreadAperetif
02Magic BreadPork
03Magic BreadSeafood Cocktail
04Magic BreadMustard
05Magic BreadDry Breakfast Dub
06Magic BreadCheerful Cookery
07Magic BreadThe Fried Duck Wants Back In The Sky
08Magic BreadChinese Needles
09Magic BreadHot tea