Tree Bosier - Motion Picture Soundtrack EP (2010)

Tree Bosier

Downtempo, Lo-Fi, Abstract, Instrumental, Jazz-Funk

"The band's three members - Pavel Parakhonich, Maksim Anan’ev, and Aleksei Rusinov – are big fans of spontaneous, semi-improvised performances: “Much of our music comes into being at the moment when it’s performed live – and we’re not afraid of that, either!”
As long as the members of Tree, Bosier are able to surprise themselves and find more phenomena worthy of experiment - or rejection! - there remains potential, a powerful tool in the face of impending compromise. To complain, therefore, is to seek something better: work, whinging, and music made on a whim all dovetail in the "search for oneself," a mere 20 miles from the edge of the country. Where land runs out - and options end.
This degree of experimentation and musical brinkmanship, all in the name of a process that knows no limit, will need even more wires. Muscles built up from dragging around bass balalaikas will now come in very handy..."

01Tree, BosierGone With The Wind04:53
02Tree, BosierMonday05:12
03Tree, BosierWalking03:41
04Tree, BosierLooking Back04:53
05Tree, BosierPlastic Forest03:57
06Tree, BosierI Believe In You05:28