Nikea Bustla - Soft Iis (2011)

Nikea Bustla

IDM, Downtempo, Experimental, Electronica, Dubstep

Nikea Bustla is about discovery.
Behind the DubStep influenced IDM rhythms, the hypnotic addictive melodies washed in emotionally embracing pads, lies a need to experiment with sound.
Since 2007, nikea bustla has been creating his electronic music, culminating in the release of "soft iis", an eleven track collection of "organically layered" compositions.
A project that began early 2010 in a northern German city.
Always moving forward, is the key... the key to his never ending personal discoveries.
and it continues... keep listening!

01Nikea BustlaKontinuity04:00
02Nikea BustlaIiis02:54
03Nikea BustlaSoft Core01:24
04Nikea BustlaDiskontinuity02:54
05Nikea BustlaSide Fx04:38
06Nikea BustlaKonvergenz04:00
07Nikea BustlaWidergeburt04:18
08Nikea BustlaDreaming Insomnia05:01
09Nikea BustlaLoveless02:49
10Nikea BustlaOrbital04:10
11Nikea BustlaAndroid's Cradlesong04:22