Vena Portae - To See In (2012)

Vena Portae

IDM, Glitch, Experimental, Rhythmic Noise

TO SEE IN - this is a look inside oneself. The gaze of a person expecting to see a shining infinity within, but discovering only darkening emptiness and the absurdity of their existence. It is an endless labyrinth built from intrauterine fears, absurd human conversations heard in dreams, turned into blurry images that disappear in the morning.

The EP includes works from the period of 2010-2011 in genres such as glitch, experimental, IDM, rhythmic noise.

Attention! Listening to certain parts of this album may have a negative impact on your psyche!

01Vena PortaeSpoken In America9:13
02Vena PortaePlacenta6:21
03Vena PortaeInside5:58
04Vena PortaeAmnion4:39
05Vena PortaePerinatal Matrix II8:50