Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through Tarpaulin - Head Or Hat EP (2013)

Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through Tarpaulin

Electronic, Avantgarde, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Post Rock

Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through Tarpaulin is a band from Nizhny Novgorod, formed in April 2009, when three individuals came together to experiment by combining electronics with live instruments. After several successful rehearsals, where it became evident that something promising was taking shape, they came up with the name for the project. A few months later, after the first performance, the guitarist left the band. The group continued its activities as a duo consisting of Roman as the sampler and Vladimir as the bassist.

In December 2009, having gathered all their developed tracks, the band released their debut album titled '2' and continued to work on new material. In May 2010, the duo compiled material for a new album. During this period, they actively sought a record label, but it didn't lead to any results. However, in June of the same year, their new double album 'Sur La Surface' was released on two internet labels, Subwise and Cuntroll.

This mini-album was recorded during studio improvisations, which gives it a different sound compared to the band's previous works. It contains less electronics and glitch, and more of a dark atmospheric guitar-driven sound.

01Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through TarpaulinСтанки опутывали03:21
02Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through TarpaulinОкно как изделие02:45
03Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through TarpaulinДа был тут человек...02:41
04Impossible Imperceptibly Bite Through TarpaulinКоментарии двух02:04