Nikea Bustla - Second Steps (2013)

Nikea Bustla

IDM, Electronic, Experimental, Ambient

It’s always an exciting time for me, when Nikea Bustla releases his music.
Exciting, in the way that you never know what you will hear.
With his second release for SUBWISE Netlabel, Nikea Bustla’s archetypal style is further enhanced by hints of 2step, and a continuing exploration into emotional melodies.
“Second Steps”, to me, has a strength and balance that comes from living. REALLY living. It is a mature offering, that shows that many experiences in life have been learned from.
Nikea Bustla expresses a deep development. His direction more focused. His sound perfectly crafted.
This is a defining representation of his moments in time. I find something different to hear on each listen, and feel the emotional journey taken to create this album.
A cleverly crafted series of tracks marking an artist’s life, that allows us a glimpse into his experiences. 
Each song, a gift to the listener’s mind, taking steps toward creating images that flow seamlessly to the next. 

Mark Hjorthoy, (DE Radio/LunaTheCat Records/Samplefreunde Records/Big Chill Recordings).
Cover art & design: Daniel Lambert
Photography: Anita Lorenz

01Nikea BustlaOnline Desperado04:43
02Nikea BustlaCenoo04:17
03Nikea BustlaKeves04:00
04Nikea BustlaLack Of Conccntration00:54
05Nikea BustlaSmoke Blues03:52
06Nikea BustlaLong Journey Home04:00
07Nikea BustlaCaravan Of Thoughts04:07
08Nikea BustlaKeves (Mark Drifter Remix)05:20