Dastan Jackles - Fjöll (2015)

Dastan Jackles

Ambient, Piano, Modern Classical, Electronic

Every piece of art tells and conveys the feelings of those who have loved or still love. Each piece has its own story. These stories won't be told by me; they will be created by you.

"You can look at the stars and think that someone else is looking at the same stars right now. You realize you don't want to take your eyes off them.
You can stand at the top of a mountain, on the very edge of a cliff, and forget everything for a few seconds, or if you're lucky, a few minutes. But you can't stay there forever."

01Dastan JacklesKnúsaðu mig01:26
02Dastan JacklesFjöll02:26
03Dastan JacklesHlaupa í burtu01:56
04Dastan JacklesUm stund hér að ofan01:47
05Dastan JacklesAð vera með þér #102:40
06Dastan JacklesÉg drukkna í augum þínum02:33
07Dastan JacklesEftirvænting02:14
08Dastan JacklesEilífð02:50