Dmitry Tomilov - Get Out Of This Earthbound State (2017)

Dmitry Tomilov

Electronica, Downtempo, Abstract, Trip-Hop, Future Jazz

"I remember myself in the guise of a proton, Brownianly darting everywhere; and there I encounter you, a neutron, and I am ready to form a nucleus with you, feeling a divine attraction in my quarks; it seemed that just a little more and a few newly-formed electrons would bind us forever into a stable and lasting model... But no, it was all in vain. As soon as I approached you, you immediately mockingly and even tauntingly jerked away, as if for the first time, and instantly split into a proton, electron, and antineutrino. This trio aggressively surrounded me, and I had to flee in despair, mourning your deadly transformation and my uncertain fate, for I was then stable, alone, and sad."

© Egor Radov

01Dmitry TomilovGet Out Of This Earthbound State03:46
02Dmitry TomilovSuicide by the Sea03:01