Michael K - Subwise Podcast #030 (2014)

Michael K

Podcast, Ambient, IDM, Electronica

Long time no see with my creative work, but the time wasn't wasted: all this time, I was preparing for the release of an album in a new format under a new alias - Michael K.

This music can be classified under many styles/subgenres, but in general, it's orchestral music with the use of vocals and atmospheric synthesizers, often used as soundtracks for films. Each track is unique, inspired by specific moments in life or films that deeply impressed me and evoked unconventional emotions.

I will describe each track later when the album itself is released. For now, I present to you a podcast featuring some of the tracks mentioned above, as well as ambient tracks by my friend Terror[east].

The podcast is released on the Subwise label, where the album itself will be released.

Enjoy listening!

01. Michael K - Event Horizon
02. Terror|east| - Existing
03. Michael K - Winter
04. One Little Flickering Moment Called Reality & Xtematic - Singularity
05. Michael K - The end of Everything
06. Terror|east| - To Forget And Let You Go
07. Michael K - Eternal Infinity
08. Terror|east| - A Door To The Unknown
09. Michael K - It Somewhere Beside
10. Terror|east| - Soulmate
11. TRN18 - Nuclear Explosion
12. Michael K - Reveille
13. Terror|east| - The Smell Of Her Hairs
14. Michael K - Dreams
15. Terror|east| - Winter Assault