Ito - Subwise Podcast #054 (2016)


Ambient, Bass Music, Electronica, IDM, Techno, Podcast

First some undulating notes, then percussive rhythms, after which dirty, powerful layers ensue, all the time retaining an inimitable melodic touch. This is what happens when a lover of music of all kinds locks himself in his room to be a bedroom producer. Originally from England, Ito grew up in Geneva before adopting Berlin as his city almost four years ago, and his music is infused with influences from these three places. With a touch sometimes so typical to British electronic music, strong influences from the various styles of his fellow EICA artists, and an undeniable dance element true to any producer that has chosen Berlin as his home, Itos style has evolved rapidly into a passionate explosion of energy in front of which it is difficult to remain indifferent.
With a rich history in musical collaborations, Ito is currently preparing a trip-hop EP with Danish singer Julie Orneborg (Orneborg & Ito), an ambient techno EP with the guitarist of Swiss psych rock band Cold Bath (Ashes & Ito), as well as a solo album and a couple other live collaborations. A true chameleon in his live performances, Ito has a knack for adapting perfectly to the venue and crowd with which he is faced, always delivering that fundamental element to electronic music: Energy.