Parhelia - Subwise Podcast #057 (2016)


Drum & Bass, Jungle, Podcast

The latest installment for our podcast was recorded by the widely known among aficionados of intelligent drum and bass, the producer Parhelia. Just as Gennadiy Ivanovich Padalka once said, "Space is space. There's nothing like Earth out there," the music of our guest today stands apart in the vast stream of dnb musicians. It's a pale-blue dot amidst countless uninhabited planets, enchanting intergalactic melodies, sounds of meteorites whizzing past your spacecraft, astronauts' communications, stardust... The mix consists of both Dmitry's own works released on various labels and unreleased material.

01. Parhelia - Day Of Five Suns
02. Parhelia - Hail To The Sun Lord Of Nibiru
03. Parhelia - God Of Abysses
04. Parhelia - Speedways
05. Parhelia - Tango Selene
06. Parhelia - The End Of The Introduction
07. Parhelia - Brotherhood Of The Neon Lotus
08. Parhelia - Astralaguna
09. Parhelia - How To Become A Spacefunk Addict
10. Parhelia - Floating Castles
11. Parhelia - Spaceship Named Vostok-1
12. Parhelia - Distant Lights
13. Parhelia - Southern Cross
14. Parhelia - Interlunar Landscapes
15. Parhelia - Meteor Funk
16. Parhelia - Grown By Aerials
17. Parhelia - Canyons Of Phaaxt-IV
18. Parhelia - Hibernation Valley
19. Parhelia - Levitation Flight
20. Parhelia - Northern Empire