Fake Plastic Heads - Digit (2011)

Fake Plastic Heads

Experimental, Noise, Ambient, Electronic

Fake Plastic Heads is the band-project of Charles S. K. aka radar.one aka the C. It started way back in 1998, then by the name of 11 Ton Butterfly. In 2006, this name was no longer suitable for the direction the music was heading to and evolving.
Charles S.'s musical influences are somewhere around such bands like: Nine Inch Nails, Autechre, Sielwolf, Squarepusher, Animals on Wheels, Tool, Tomahawk, dalek, etc.
The main focus lies on the translation of inner most feelings into something organic - that would last in the head of the listener. The dark and often industrial soundscapes serve as a basis for complex structures of sounds and (sometimes) noise.
The story-telling skills of the C., who was already published in various poetry anthologies throughout the U.S. [International Library of Poetry] and worldwide [Noble House] add a poetic side to the music: it's an intellectual approach coping and getting along with everyday problems and trying to reduce the impact of suffering.

01Fake Plastic HeadsFix Your Dopamine Flow03:57
02Fake Plastic HeadsString Theory04:03
03Fake Plastic HeadsWaking Up On A Sunday02:44
04Fake Plastic HeadsSteam07:22
05Fake Plastic HeadsThe Path Leading To A Different Future15:27
06Fake Plastic HeadsTentacle 314:45
07Fake Plastic HeadsBirds03:32
08Fake Plastic HeadsCross [VERSION]02:27