Various - SUBWISE V/A 001 (2009)


Noise, Glitch, IDM, Ambient, Downtempo, Experimental, Trip-Hop

In our Analytical Department at the Design Bureau, we received a new product under the codename "Subwise V/A 001" from Subwise Net Label. Let's remind you that this is the first release from this label.

Our experts, after listening to this compilation, first of all, noted the excellent lineup of participants and how the tracklist was organized: each composition smoothly transitions into the next one, complementing and continuing the theme set by the previous artist, just like days succeeding one another.

Raumskaya pleasantly surprised us with his candid and lyrical melodies. His execution is also notable for its technicality, reminiscent of Felix Laband.

Bristle Weather accurately captured the state of heart-rending apathy in their piece.

Interior Creak immersed our Design Bureau in the atmosphere of an awakening city, coloring the surrounding space with both anxious and calming tones of the morning metropolis.

The pleasant vocally-sampled track by Kirbi is followed by V4W.ENKO's minimalistic sound (which our experts read as Vashenko). Then comes the quite comprehensible neurasthenic lyric about September and yellow leaves by Whole September.

Alexandr Daf offers us "Magic Vision," which is right on the theme of "Seeing and Perceiving" according to Don Juan. The piece by someone named ANTICTAP, we considered, no more and no less, a masterpiece, thanks to the well-chosen vocals, which, to our taste, were skillfully processed.

Ujif_Not Found is now being used as a cradle for tired androids in our Design Bureau. The machines peacefully fall asleep and, importantly, after getting enough rest, they start working with doubled energy during the next composition by The Orden Of Electro - "Nine Rose," which even got our General Director dancing.

People with such deep mathematical sound like Klutch would be useful in any Design Bureau and Research Institute similar to ours. The precision with which he opens his "Box C64" drove our analysts to despair.

The track "Cut Fire Wood And Zza – Bile" is quite worthy with industrial touches.

At first glance, the clumsy and stumbling rhythm of "Materielle" by Spot Of Sky eventually transforms into a clear and cohesive musical pattern, creating a good musical image.

The second composition by V4W.ENKO is like viscous honey, so to speak. It gently caresses the ears with slow glitch-ambient, and perhaps a comparison with The Parks is suitable.

Ujif_Not Found, in their second creation on the compilation, demonstrates rhythm and minimalism in combination with intricate samples and electronic trills.

The magical instrumental by the collective Surtsey, closing the tracklist, became the highlight of the whole act of reviewing this compilation in our Design Bureau. If you will, Aurora Australis is the jewel on the crown of the entire Subwise V/A 1.

02Bristle WeatherApathy
03Interior CreakCity Morning
04The KirbiUnder The Golden Sky
06Whole SeptemberThat No
07D.A.F.Magic Vision
11The Orden Of ElectroNine Rose
12KLUtChOpen The Box C64
13Cut Fire Wood And ZzaBile
14Spot Of SkyMaterielle
15v4w.enkoWhite And Blue On Grey +
16ujif_notfoundGOrda Dufb
17SurtseyAurora Australis