813 - Many Times I Said No EP (2009)


Abstract, Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop

813, whose real name is Alexander Goryachev, is a musician, the founder of the label {Pop Errors Gallery}, a member of the project "A4," and an active participant in the electronic music scene.

813's sound is loaded, roughly polished, and fully charged with complex and contradictory melodies. He challenges the genre's classics and takes calculated risks: his beats can rival those of DJ Krush in weight, and his complexity can be compared to the works of Milorad Pavic.

His album "Такие разные карандаши без грифеля" ("Such Different Pencils Without a Lead") released in 2008, received enthusiastic acclaim from fans of intellectual downtempo/trip-hop music. His collaboration with micromatics is rightfully considered a classic of Russian abstract hip-hop. Moreover, this artist has numerous releases in the genres of minimal, lo-fi, and indietronica.

Music is like a chain reaction: hearing a faint echo of a note in the street noise, the combination of different sound sources, or a randomly composed melody in the mind, it gains momentum like a snowball, layer upon layer, becoming denser and richer, collecting white snow and compacting the layers of soil taken from the ground...

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