Red Tunnel - sYncro (2009)

Red Tunnel

IDM, Experimental, Ambient, Trip-Hop

The Red Tunnel project started in winter 2008 in Vancouver, Canada. The founder of the project, SerJ [RT], incorporates live instruments such as guitar, self-played cello, randomly recorded sounds, acoustic effects, and electronic rhythms, transforming them into abstract forms to achieve the main goal of the project - the atmospheric, creative consciousness of the listener.

The main theme of the album is the synchronization of brain hemispheres, the logical and abstract-creative potentials of the listener, syncing with the atmosphere of an autumn forest, the melody of Kyoto gardens, and harmonizing with the rain and the sound rainbows arising within us, dissolving into crystal distances. Each composition has its own atmosphere and idea, simple and close to the listener.

According to feedback from listeners, the result is an interesting soundtrack to a film yet to be shot on film. Currently, the project is based in Smolensk, Russia, and experiments with female vocal singing, the Jew's harp, African percussion, all wrapped in the beloved electronic fabric.

You will be able to hear these "cyber-shamanic waves" in the new single to be released in spring 2010.

01Red TunnelDali CrYstal
02Red TunnelAbstract Lines
03Red TunnelForest D-Port
04Red TunnelInRed Lights
05Red TunnelsYncro
06Red Tunnel2Rainbows
07Red TunnelkYoto
08Red TunnelSaturday Sunset Trip
09Red TunnelDissapearing In The Sea
10Red TunnelCube 7.23
11Red TunnelLetom