Nearfield - Chemical Elements (2010)


IDM, Experimental, Ambient

Aliens have arrived to our planet! They looked at Earth from space and fell deeply in love with it, deciding to settle here permanently. Their expectations were met: the rustling scented grass, the squeaky agile mice, the birds' singing, the nocturnal chirping of crickets, and the tranquil sky awakened the aliens' compositional talent. As a result, simple melancholic melodies composed of radio signals were brought to life. The state of being in love did not fade for the extraterrestrials even after encountering rather unfriendly earthlings.

A similar world view, free from the struggle for survival, emerges when listening to the compositions of the Belarusian duo "NEARFIELD." A paradox of our current era is that synthetic music evokes a desire to return to nature in its pristine form, taking the mind far away from thoughts about ecology, economy, politics, and everyday problems. "NEARFIELD" music is completely devoid of experimental complexity and intricate cadences; there's no need to seek rhythmic bursts or sample conglomerations. "Nothing too much" - that's the essence of "Chemical elements." Perhaps the most accurate (though not the only) epithets for the duo's creations would be "smooth," "soothing," "unobtrusive," "weightless," and "circling." The mood and serenity of the tracks can be compared, for example, to DIGITONAL. There's no darkness, no threatening intonations - only a bright contemplation and echoes of sadness. Ethereal ambient lines, like clouds slightly trembling, surround each theme, reminding us that "everything passes, and even the most significant event is just one link in an endless chain." The melodies convey the romance of youthful beginnings in life, when any obstacle seems conquerable, and any difficulty seems insignificant. While listening, you believe that as long as there's romance in the heart and the sky attracts our gaze, the world cannot be considered lost. And so, hope remains for tomorrow, even as the last sounds of the "extraterrestrial spring soundtrack," crafted by "NEARFIELD," fade away.

05NearfieldChemical Flash7:47