Sigmund is Fraud - I Miss Everything (2010)

Sigmund is Fraud

Abstract, Drone, Downtempo, Experimental, Ambient

Sigmund is Fraud is an electronic (ambient, dark ambient, experimental, industrial) solo act from Kolkata, West Bengal, India by Debarun Sarkar. The sound which SiF is trying to achieve could well be termed as dark ambient or simply ambient, but once in a while certain tracks may diverge from those genres and may include certain characteristics of dubstep or any other EDM. But that remains mostly minimal.
The album is tentatively titled 'I Miss Everything'. It's a concept album, more precisely it's a double concept EP. As the first part of the album mostly sticks to dark ambient, ambient and industrial features the sound which SiF is trying to master. While the second half of the album is more experimental from the musicians perspective not necessarily to the listener. The second half has a variety of tracks touching numerous genres almost appearing disoriented at times. But that's the very motive. The concept of the album follows a certain person who can't seem to cope with the world after he comes out of imprisonment. He can't seem to cope up with the rapidly changing world around him. The sound of the album tries to symbolize and represent the mental anguish and trauma the protagonist is going through.

01Sigmund is FraudCerno
02Sigmund is FraudThe Death Of Boredom (Absolution)
03Sigmund is FraudEnter, The Coil
04Sigmund is FraudPanopticon, 1 Day Is 14 Years Pt.1
05Sigmund is FraudPanopticon, 1 Day Is 14 Years Pt.2
06Sigmund is FraudOutro
07Sigmund is FraudA New Life
08Sigmund is FraudNeon Lights Cover Up The Horizon (Sigmund is Fraud Mix)
09Sigmund is FraudFuture Shock, 14 Years In 1 Day
10Sigmund is FraudCope Or Perish
11Sigmund is FraudIntertitle Screams "The End"