Various - SUBWISE V/A 003 - We Think The Same Things At The Same Time (2010)


Abstract, Glitch, Jungle, Ambient, Acid Jazz, Downtempo, Experimental

A compilation of music composed by women.

The stereotypes mentioned in the text describe presumed differences between "female" and "male" characteristics, which have historically evolved over centuries. Some of these stereotypes suggest that women are more emotional and less rational, less aggressive, more talkative than men, possess more developed intuition, are more delicate, cunning, and inclined to use more sophisticated methods to achieve their goals, etc. Research on this topic is ongoing, but it cannot be said that any of these stereotypes correspond to reality for individuals of the female gender. Currently, science knows that the alignment with these stereotypes is purely individual and is influenced by social reasons, character traits, and numerous other factors.

01CleanscreenFirst Last Life3:37
02Недыхание НенаcВодный Вакуум1:27
03Bad WiresHeart5:05
05PralayaRebirth Of Drugo4:10
06Non DoletEthnic Theme2:35
07Psyjazz DuoViolent Manifestations5:42
09Diser TapeLoungepad4:06
10NiffizVow Of Paradox3:47
11GrowthringsStill Waters Run Deep2:45
12Недыхание НенаcRadioplay1:56
13Bad WiresWitch2:59
14Svetlana ZenevaWave-Dance3:34
15Non DoletLullaby3:26
16Psyjazz DuoSpanish Vibrations10:36