Zmitser Von Holzman - This Is How I Feel Now (2011)

Zmitser Von Holzman

Indie Rock, Abstract, Experimental, Acoustic, Downtempo, Minimal

Mitya Goltsman (Zmitser von Holzman) refers to his creative work as "Miniature pieces for unreleased films." Mitya was born on February 16, 1979, in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), and from a young age, he showed interest in musical instruments. During quiet time at kindergarten when other children were sleeping, Mitya would sneak into the nearest music school with sheet music under his arm for piano lessons. However, he never fully mastered reading sheet music. During his school years, he started playing the guitar and later bought his first green plastic recorder at the Gostiny Dvor. This marked the beginning of his collection of musical instruments, which continues to grow to this day. At the moment, Mitya's collection includes around 70 musical instruments, with approximately 40 of them being wind instruments. It is on these instruments that Mitya composes and records his instrumental compositions.

01Zmitser Von HolzmanIntro2:13
02Zmitser Von HolzmanLadybird1:57
03Zmitser Von HolzmanPiano Forte5:23
04Zmitser Von HolzmanPapa3:25
05Zmitser Von HolzmanThis Is How I Feel Now3:09
06Zmitser Von HolzmanOutro6:33