Inspectr - Arrangement (2011)


Glitch, Abstract, IDM, Downtempo, Experimental

Inspectr, also known as Daniil Kasparovich, started composing music in 2006, inspired by IDM guru Aphex Twin and blending it with other styles such as Breakcore, Electro, Acid Jazz, Lo-Fi, Dubstep, and drawing influence from artists like Autechre, Amon Tobin, Mu-Ziq, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares, who opened his eyes to the endless possibilities of electronic music. Over the course of two and a half years of intensive music production, driven by an indescribable urge, Daniil created a substantial amount of material, including around twenty albums. However, he only released two of them on the American label Plastic4Records.

Simultaneously, he delved into music theory, learned the basics of playing percussion instruments, and familiarized himself with mastering techniques. Creating music solely on one computer, Daniil combines sounds from classical orchestral and folk instruments to purely experimental ones. He composes both pleasant melodies and rhythms as well as pieces that completely break away from any rules or structures. By merging all these elements together, he achieves a sense of overall harmony in his compositions.

01InspectrWhile It Is Still There5:19
03InspectrMaxxeleni 3985-fgdr4:48
04InspectrVins Vong4:56
05InspectrMaxxeleni 7866351:46
06InspectrCold War In My Head [Part I]6:04
07InspectrCold War In My Head [Part II]6:42
08InspectrCold War In My Head [Part III]6:04
10InspectrParametric BBS6:42
11InspectrCrystal Musketeer7:12