Wialenove - The Path III (2011)


Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient

Tracks for The Path III were collected for the past two years. This double album probably features the most interesting compositions for the entire history of the trilogy. Two parts of "Coda" were made in collaboration with Velocity Zero, some tracks now contain rhythmic parts and The Path brand sound expands being mixed with other genres.
First cd is an all-new journey. Cold stars, distant galaxies and boundless space or meditative journey inside of your own thoughts, feelings and emotions? This choice is up to you.
Second cd compilates all space tracks made since The Path II was released. It will bring you back some of the best memories.

Artwork by Wialenove & x.iso

01WialenoveThe Path III
02Wialenove, Velocity ZeroThe Path. Part XV ~ Coda II7:35
03WialenoveThe Path. Part XVI ~ Anthem Of The Space7:16
04WialenoveThe Path. Part XVII ~ Wheel Of Time7:30
05WialenoveThe Path. Part XVIII ~ What If8:41
06WialenoveThe Path. Part XIX ~ Infinity5:58
07WialenoveThe Path. Part XX ~ The Light5:06
08WialenoveThe Path. Part XXI ~ The Journey7:00
09Wialenove, Velocity ZeroThe Path. Part XV ~ Coda II7:55
10WialenoveThe Path. Part VII ~ Cosmos (Original Version)19:45
11WialenoveLost Chapters
12WialenoveLost In Space10:32
13WialenoveAcross The Universe9:05
14WialenoveSpace Tree7:43
15WialenoveSpace Sea7:27
16WialenoveSpace Bliss10:28
17WialenoveCloudy Sphere10:34
18WialenoveAmong The Cold Stars7:40
19WialenoveSpace Doesnt Care7:46