Loose End - The Ascent EP (2014)

Loose End

IDM, Electronica, Dub Techno, Soulful

"In childhood, we all seem to walk on water, on the deceptively smooth and solid surface of a lake, and we are familiar with that strange feeling that at any moment, we could break through this smoothness and sink into the depths, hiding there and disappearing from everyone as if we never existed.

As if sensing that our long wait is about to end and that something could happen at any minute, every second, and then everything will vanish and be forgotten, as if nothing ever happened, it is precisely in this decisive moment, so keenly felt and anticipated, that the clouds above our house parted, allowing a helicopter to pass through, as if the heavens themselves were the chariot of the god Apollo."

Ray Bradbury, "I Sing the Body Electric!"

01Loose EndIntro05:20
02Loose EndThe Ascent04:16
03Loose EndUntitled704:48
04Loose EndJune 603:44
05Loose End1304:28
06Loose EndStreets05:06