OX - Secrets Are Told At Night (2014)


Downtempo, Future Jazz

The perfect time for events is the night, certainly not midday when the sun shines too brightly and shadows wait in ambush. The scorching heat from the sky freezes everything in place. Who would be intrigued by a reality drenched in sunlight? The intrigue lies in midnight when tree shadows lift their hems and glide in a smooth dance. The wind picks up, leaves fall, footsteps echo, beams and floorboards creak. Dust drips from the wings of a cemetery angel. Shadows soar on raven wings. Before the dawn, streetlights fade, and for a brief moment, the city is blinded.

It is during this time that secrets are born, and adventures mature. Not at dawn, but in the hush of the night, everyone holds their breath to embrace the darkness, preserve the terror, and keep shadows on a leash.

01OXMorning Radio03:13
02OXGinger Girl03:06
03OXBedroom Eyes03:06
04OXGandhi Was Wrong02:11
05OXSecrets Are Told At Night02:51
06OXSave My Heart03:12
07OXWhile You Were Sleepin03:09