Chebov - Lone Spirit (2015)


Abstract, Downtempo, Trip-Hop

On September 12th, Anton Chebov, also known as Chebov, a musician from Yekaterinburg, released his album titled "Lone Spirit" on SUBWISE. We had a conversation with Anton about his musical preferences, collaborations, and breakdancing.

In reality, this release was written in a short period. Anton was working on two projects simultaneously. "Lone Spirit" came about spontaneously. He initially started writing music in this style but then shifted towards a more instrumental direction with different rhythms. "Lone Spirit" was born thanks to an experiment with I.V.A. Anton had wanted to collaborate with him for a long time, and when he received a recorded hang from Vitalik, he decided to try incorporating it into a hip-hop track, as it seemed interesting. Then the tracks started flowing naturally. He would sit down and after about three hours, he wouldn't even remember how he did it all; there would already be a draft and so on.

The album's cover art was created by Andrey Glushchenko, also known as Bioniq. Anton would send him the tracks, and he would send back the updated cover art, and they collaborated in this manner. It was a very interesting experience, and they came up with a whole story! "Lone Spirit" is a tale of a journey from point A to point B, where you explore your own self and take on the role of a lone spirit. The answer lies at the end of the journey. Everyone has their own interpretation.

In general, there's a shortage of such a sound nowadays; Anton doesn't come across it often, and he feels like he misses it.

01ChebovCave Of Fate01:38
02ChebovNight Spirits04:16
03ChebovSirens Song03:35
04ChebovBirds Temple05:00
07ChebovHeart Of Lighthose02:53
08ChebovLone Spirit04:47
09ChebovBlack Island04:00