OPTMS - OJ Simpson (2018)


Bass Music, Experimental, Electronica

OPTMS is a germany based producer with his origin in southeast europe and goes by the name of David Fejzuli.

Drawing inspirations from various music styles, OPTMS sound is not marked by any specific genre, it's open to any and all inspiring influences. OPTMS musical journey began in 1998 when he started playing drums and getting deeper into music production on the computer, followed by starting deejaying in 1999, which lead him after 5 years of practicing into his first DJ-Battle in Berlin, Germay, organized by the DMC World Champion Pro-Zeiko. This one followed his participation at the world reknown I.T.F. DJ-Battle (german finals) in 2004 and 2005. After a large break he returned in 2009 to compete at the Wizard of Ahh Freestyle Scratch Battle #3, organized by DJ World Champs AKD & Unkut. In 2010 he entered his last DJ competition, the Red Bull "Hit the Wax" DJ-Battle, where he took the 2nd place and decided to stop battling and focusing more on his production skills. His stage experience range from DJ performances to live sets, as a supporting DJ or club DJ. OPTMS has played on several festivals and clubs all over the country and supported the likes of Afu-Ra, Kaytranada and more. He shared stages with artists like Alec Empire, Erobique, Marc Hype, Tigerstyle, Sepalot, B-Ju, HGich.T, Tribes of Jizu, Krts, Jay Scarlett, Rawbot, Sixkay, Len Beam, Explizit, Esther Adam, The Analog Roland Orchestra, Danny Scrilla, Comfort Fit, Taprik Sweeze and more.

03OPTMSBush City Nut Limit
05OPTMSMuenchen Ost Asozial
06OPTMSWei Chung Loh
07OPTMSPerfectionist Paralysis Feat. AKD
08OPTMSDont Sweat The Techniques
10OPTMSDuck Butter
11OPTMSCamel Toe Feat. EVL NDL
12OPTMSSorry Pt. 2