Blear Moon - Subwise Podcast #003 (2011)

Blear Moon

Podcast, Bass Music, IDM, Electronic

Our third podcast with our newcomer young russian musician and produser Blear Moon from Snezhinsk - the youngest of the closed Russian cities. In Snezhinsk, alias Chelyabinsk-70, created more than half the nuclear warheads that stand in the Russian Army, including all warheads of strategic missile systems for the Air Force and Navy bombs.

01. XTRNGR - New Room
02. Dmitriy Rodionov Experience - Awakening Of Twilight Flies
03. Manta - QualooD
04. Blear Moon - Le banc dans le bois
05. Gigi Masin - Half
06. XTRNGR - Squares
07. Masin/Coniglio - Orange Devotion
08. Vain foam - es war 1 mal
09. Spot Of Sky - She